Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase from you?

Your purchase helps fund the on-going development of open-source projects like React Native Firebase and you get something back for your money compared to donating.

What do you mean by a single license?

Your use of the purchased product is restricted to a single cross-platform application/deployment (e.g. one iOS app and one Android app together count as one 'cross-platform application').

For more details on the license see the terms and conditions page.

Do you provide support for purchases?

Support is provided as per the license terms and conditions (see sections 5 & 6 of the license on the terms and conditions page).

To report an issue for a specific product please see the support section in the purchase details section of your account dashboard.

Can I download updates for my purchase?

All purchases come with free access to all future Upgrades, Updates & Fixes.

Purchases can be re-downloaded with the latest version under your account purchases dashboard. The current latest version is displayed on the purchase details.

Upgrades, Updates & Fixes are subject to section 5 of the license terms and conditions.

How do I download my purchase?

Your purchases are available to download in your account dashboard on the purchases tab.

What payment methods are supported?

We currently support card payments Apple Pay and Google Pay through our payment provider Stripe.

Are my payments secure?

Yes, all transactions are securely handled over HTTPS via our payment provider Stripe. We do not store or have access to any card details except for the last four digits - which we use for display purposes on your purchase information page.

Do you use any UI libraries?

This depends on the product, please see the listed dependencies on the product detail page.