Firebase Authentication Kit

Firebase Authentication Kit


The Firebase Authentication Kit for React Native is a great way to start your next project, on both Android & iOS. The app is built with TypeScript and integrates the following authentication providers:

  • Email / Password Sign In
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Phone Auth via SMS
  • Coming soon: Twitter & Magic Links

Firebase integration is provided by the latest React Native Firebase release (v6) and also includes navigation with react-navigation (v5) and a UI built using react-native-paper. Out of the box, the following features are ready for use:

  • Sign In
  • Sign Out
  • Create account
  • Forgot Password
  • Sign in with social auth providers
  • Sign in with phone auth (with country selection)
  • Linking social profiles
  • Change Password
  • Email verification
  • Updating user profile

The kit is built by the maintainers of React Native Firebase & your purchase helps support it’s on-going development.

Every purchase comes with lifetime access to any developed updates to this product.


Your purchase permits you to use the product in a single multi-platform (Android & iOS) application.


was $80

For a limited time only; 50% off to celebrate the React Native Firebase v6.0.0 release πŸŽ‰

Payments are disabled whilst we update React Native Market.

Current Release

Version: 0.0.2

Fixed several TypeScript issues, fixed some issues that occurred after renaming the project and finally upgraded the project to RN 61