Local Weather

Local Weather


The Local Weather app for React Native uses a number of common tools to create a beautiful weather 5 day forecasting application. Great for beginners looking to understand the core concepts of React Native.

The app is built with TypeScript and provides the following functionality:

  • Requesting location permissions on iOS & Android.
  • Requesting & fetching the users real location.
  • Interactive graph data using SVG charts.
  • Integration with the OpenWeather API for location aware weather forecasts.
  • Integration with the Unsplash API for location based images.

The code base is well defined, using React Hooks to demonstrate the logic flow of requesting permissions to requesting external APIs and updating the UI.

The kit is built by the maintainers of React Native Firebase & your purchase helps support it’s on-going development.

Every purchase comes with lifetime access to any developed updates to this product.


Your purchase permits you to use the product in a single multi-platform (Android & iOS) application.


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Current Release

Version: 0.0.1

Initial release. No new changes.